It’s that time of year again! The bustle getting everything ready for fall has began, and the need to pack school lunches is here! Here is a collection of recipes, tips and ideas for packing healthy school lunches. It certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

Methods and tips

Fun recipes

homemade granola bar

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  • Grain-free Granola Bar (shown above): This protein-rich granola bar is made with nuts and seeds, and is sweetened with honey. 
  • Homemade Hot Pockets: Like the store-bought version but tastier and better for you too.
  • Sourdough Reuben Picnic Buns: This delicious idea helps make messy sandwiches easier to transport. Adapt to whatever type of sandwich you like.
  • Homemade Pudding Cups: Did you know that making your own pudding cups is easy? Plus you can control the amount of sweetener and use all wholesome ingredients (and no preservatives). 
  • Gluten-free Pretzels: Because pretzels are fun, and homemade are even better. These ones are gluten-free too! 
  • Granola Bar: A healthy granola bar using whole wheat, oats, and other nutritious ingredients. 
  • Energy Bars: Learn how simple making your own energy bars can be. 

Muffins are a great portable snack. I know that my children love to find them in their lunch (or really, anytime). Here are some delicious options:


Cookies are really fun to include in school lunches, and there are healthier versions to pack too.

All natural thin mint cookies

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