Somewhere floating around the Internet is a .gif of my first oyster-eating experience. I was at a media event and tried my very first oyster just a little over a year ago, and a blogger took a few photos of me and posted them on her blog. I really wish I could remember on which blog this mini-movie lives. The look on my face says after eating the oyster says, "I was so wrong!"

I had avoided oysters my whole life because I expected to hate the taste and have trouble getting them down because of their texture. Instead, I found that I loved the briny taste and the texture was not slimy and gag-inducing as expected. I have since made it a point to try different oysters whenever I have the opportunity, hoping to learn more about the types of oysters and finding the ones I enjoy the most.

This infographic from Civilian Bar and Kitchen has some good, basic information to further any oyster novice's knowledge about the shellfish.


Some of the tips here are especially helpful, like the simple way to know when oysters are at their tastiest. It's good to know that during the holiday season, when the months end with the letter "R," oysters will be of superior quality.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

'Tis the season for superior oysters
This handy infographic explains why oysters are better eaten in months ending with 'R' and has several other pearls of wisdom.