Food Network has lost viewers recently, and I’m not sure how many they’re going to gain back with the recently announced lineup of new shows for Food Network and Cooking Channel. There are 13 new competition shows and most of them sound uninteresting. “Diner Death Match” features short order cooks competing to out diner food each other. “Food Truck Face Off” features food truck cooks competing to out food-truck food each other. “Game of Cones” has ice cream connoisseurs competing to out ice cream each other. Blah.

Five new makeover shows will take struggling food businesses, show the world just how inept their owners are, and bring in professionals to save the day. Been there. Done that.

Of course, there are people who do enjoy these types of shows. I’m just not one of them. There are a few new food shows that have my interest, but none of them are competition or cooking shows.

“The Valerie Bertinelli Project” features the actress and her husband preparing and serving dinners for family and friends in their home. After hearing Bertinelli on the Alton Browncast discuss her relationship with food (a relationship that’s very similar to my own), I think I'd enjoying watching how she does a dinner party. The show premieres in September.

“American Festivals” has host Anthony Anderson traveling across the United States to the “most colorful and delicious festivals in America.” I love a good food festival and would wouldn't mind vicariously experiencing festivals through a well done TV show. If the show is good, I could even end up having some items to add to my foodie bucket list. The show premieres in July.

“Lorraine’s Fast, Fresh and Easy” and “Simply Laura!” are two cooking shows speak to my needs – cooking fast, simple meals from real ingredients. I’m always on the lookout for new ideas for my family meals. I’m not familiar with either Lorraine Pascal or Laura Vitale, and I’m curious to see what these women bring to their shows. Lorraine’s show premiers in July; Laura’s show premiers in August.

What’s the worst sounding show of the bunch? “The Big Tip” starring Rachael Ray (who I usually enjoy watching) has the celebrity cook traveling the country and giving big tips to long-time waiters and waitresses. I’m sure it will be great for the deserving, hard working, recipients, but it sounds really dull to watch.

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Food Network and Cooking Channel have announced their upcoming shows. There’s a lot of the same old same old, but a few have my attention.