I was sent samples of the new Two Degrees nutrition bars to try. Two Degrees is a new company with a mission to help feed 200 million hungry children — one child at a time. For every Two Degrees nutrition bar purchased, the company will donate a medically formulated nutrition pack to help feed a hungry child.

It’s the first one-for-one food company of its kind. You buy one nutrition bar; Two Degrees donates one nutrition pack. The math is simple. The company will start distributing the nutrition packs in Malawi, Africa, and move on from there.

This seems like a great business model to me, but if the Two Degrees nutrition bars aren’t tasty, it’s not going to work, right?

The boys and I did a taste test. We had a sample of each of their flavors — apple/pecan, cherry/almond and chocolate/peanut. I always like to get my boys’ opinions for taste tests because they tell it like it is.

  • Apple/pecan – Two of the three of us liked this bar, but no one chose it as their favorite. It has a nice fruity taste.
  • Cherry/almond – I loved this bar and my 8-year-old did, too. We both chose it as our favorite. I could distinctly taste the nuts and the cherries.
  • Chocolate/peanut – I didn’t particularly like this bar, but both boys really liked it. My 11-year-old chose it as his favorite.
So there you have it. Not everyone liked every bar, but that’s just personal taste. We all agreed that we would eat these, in our favorite flavor, again. You’ll have to give the bars a try to see which you prefer.

I like that the bars are made with sustainabily sourced ingredients like pecans from a family owned business, apples provided by a grower-owned agricultural cooperative, and quinoa that is fair trade certified.

You can purchase Two Degrees bars from their online store or at select retailers. You also don’t need to purchase one of the nutrition bars to help feed a starving child. For $1.25 you can buy a virtual bar for yourself or a friend. The nutrition bar you buy may not be real, but the nutrition pack that is sent to a hungry child will be. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Two Degrees nutrition bars
With every nutrition bar you buy, Two Degrees donates a nutrition pack to a malnourished child.