We've all heard of sports stadiums starting to offer more health-friendly menu options, but one soccer club in the U.K. has taken this concept to the next level by banning the sale of red meat.

According to Edie.net, director Dale Vince, owner of Forest Green Rovers, (a soccer team in the Blue Square Premier league in the U.K.), has banned the sale of burgers, sausages and cottage pies at the stadium.

The ban had previously applied to the meals served to players and staff, but it will now extend to concession stands for those attending matches at the team's 5,200-capacity New Lawn Stadium in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

Vince, a vegan and owner of green electricity supplier Ecotricity, was adamant that his club should avoid red meat to stay healthy — and decided that it was only right to think of the fans as well. “If red meat was not good enough to feed our players, then it wasn’t good enough for our staff, fans and visitors too,” he said.

He's quick to point out however that the ban only extends to the sale of red meat. If fans want to bring a ham sandwich with them, they're not going to have it confiscated at the gate. "This is a part of a bigger picture move — it's about improving the quality of food about providing better-quality, healthy food all round."

Vince added that the club will continue to carry sustainable poultry and fish on its menus — as well as plenty of vegetarian options.

Sounds like the next logical step for America's "Most Vegetarian-Friendly Stadiums." The ball is in your court, Philadelphia!

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U.K. soccer stadium bans sale of red meat
Vegan owner of club decides to extend health benefits of avoiding red meat to fans, as well as players.