Last month, I told you that carrots were getting a marketing campaign. The producers of baby carrots have banded together to give the vegetables a $25 million makeover. I thought the marketing campaign was going to be aimed at kids — convincing them to think carrots are as cool as junk food.

I said the TV spots created for baby carrots were going to make them look “extreme, futuristic and even, yes, sexy,” so, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at this TV commercial — yet, I am. The carrots that are packaged in “chic junk food packaging” are described as “overt sexual innuendo.” Or perhaps the voiceover saying “overt sexual innuendo” was describing the commercial, not the carrots? I’m not sure. I am sure of this — this is not an ad that should be shown during kids' programming.

Since we don’t have any TV hook-up in the house, I haven’t seen any of the baby carrot commercials on TV. I don’t know if this ad is run during programs that are aimed toward kids or teenagers or if it’s run during programs that are aimed at adults. Have you seen it on television? What were you watching when it aired?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.