The lovely roses in the picture above are made with beef jerky, the brainchild of a company called Say It With Beef.

But what is it you're hoping to say, and to whom? I think that depends on the situation. This "broquet" as its creators are calling it, can say many things. It can say to your Valentine, "Flowers die quickly but beef jerky lasts for a really, really long time." It can say, "You're a dude and I had no idea what to buy you. Have some beef." Or perhaps they're just a way to congratulate a guy on a new job, bachelor pad or car.

These dozen beef roses could be perfect this Valentine's Day and on other occasions in which you need to remind the recipient that he's so manly that he deserves dried-out beef flowers in a beer mug. They're also available in daisy shapes for the manly man who happens to be a little more whimsical — or for the gal who really likes beef jerky.

I have a son who would love these. I think many people (male and female) who find beef jerky delicious would like them, too. So while they're definitely on the cheesy side — and the smell of them would make me gag — I imagine jerky-loving recipients will find them clever, thoughtful and more original than candy.

Have you seen any new Valentine's Day gift ideas this year that you find both silly yet worthwhile?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

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