Hampton Creek makes vegan products, and Unilever is suing the small food producer for false advertising regarding one of those products. The maker of Hellmann's mayonnaise claims that since Hampton Creek’s Just Mayo doesn’t contain eggs, it isn’t really mayonnaise. I don’t care if there are eggs in the product or not; I just care how it tastes.

Hampton Creek sent me samples of its mayonnaise and chocolate chip cookie dough, so my boys, the neighbors and I did a little taste testing.

The first thing I did was taste test Just Mayo by itself. Pea protein replaces the eggs in this non-GMO verified spread, and I was curious if I would taste peas in it. I didn’t. It’s good. I would use it on sandwiches and in recipes, just like I do my homemade ranch dressing and dip.

As I was thinking of ways to use it, it occurred to me that everything I came up with contained non-vegan ingredients, so I turned to Hampton Creek’s website for some all-vegan recipes. The chocolate cake made with Just Mayo instead of eggs and milk intrigued me. I admit I was a bit skeptical.

I brought my neighbors in to taste testing the cake because their 4-year-old daughter has severe food allergies. Among the list of foods she can’t have are eggs and dairy, and the eggless Just Mayo is something that she can eat. I made the chocolate cake recipe on Hampton Creek’s website, turning it into cupcakes and frosting them with vegan vanilla buttercream.

“These are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had,” said my 15-year-old as he devoured one and then another before I told him he couldn’t have any more. I had promised my neighbor half of the dozen cupcakes in exchange for the butter and milk substitutes I needed to make the frosting.

My neighbor said they were so good that if she were me, she would have lied and said they didn’t turn out very well! Her daughter liked them a lot and wanted to eat them for breakfast this morning. These were some seriously good cupcakes.

The ready-to-bake, Just Cookies vegan chocolate chip cookie dough made some great cookies, too. It comes in a plastic jar, and you can bake as many or as few at a time as you want. It keeps in the refrigerator for up to three months. And because it’s made without eggs, you can eat it raw. The cookie dough can also be used to make Hazelnut Truffles

While I’m not a vegan, I’m completely open to cooking with vegan ingredients. In general growing plants for food is more sustainable than raising animals for food. Hampton Creek emphasizes the sustainability of its products, and reminds those who choose Just Mayo and Just Cookies that they reduce their carbon footprint when they don’t eat animal products.

Disclaimer: The products I received from Hampton Creek were complimentary, but I was not monetarily compensated by Hampton Creek for writing this post, nor was Hampton Creek promised a favorable post in exchange for the products.

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Vegan mayo, cookie dough earn omnivore thumbs-up
Hampton Creek does two things, vegan mayonnaise and cookie dough, and it does them well.