Veggie ice cream is not so far out of the realm of our imaginations. There are small, artisanal ice cream makers adding some vegetables to their treats like Philadelphia’s Little Baby’s Ice Cream that makes seasonal flavors that include Pumpkin Curry and Carrots and Cake - non-traditional, but intriguing combinations that seem to make total sense coming from a sustainable food company.

When veggie ice cream starts going mainstream, though, it makes even a sustainable foodie like me say, “Wait a minute. It’s ice cream. Do we have to put veggies everything? Is nothing sacred?”

Hagaan Dazs is selling ice cream made with vegetables in Japan. They’ve introduced two vegetable flavors to a new line of ice cream being called Spoon Veg – Tomato Cherry and Carrot Orange. The flavors will mix vegetables and fruit in an ice cream that uses 8.5 percent milk fat, half the amount of fat of many of the brand’s regular flavors.

Those flavors do sound appealing. I can imagine they work well in a dessert, particularly the carrot and orange combination. It’s not as if Haagan Dazs is making broccoli or Brussels sprouts ice cream. That might really be a crime against dessert.

I think I’d give the flavors a try. What do you think? Is adding vegetables to ice cream crime or is the time ripe for more ice cream makers to do it?

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Veggie ice cream: Crime against dessert or ripe idea?
Hagaan Dazs introduces ice cream made with vegetables in Japan.