My husband, who knows my long list of food intolerances, noticed some delicious samples of a sunflower seed paste spreads at our local store this last week. He was really impressed with the flavor, and so brought me back their red pepper flavor. I wasn't expecting much as, while I greatly enjoy my sunflower seed “butter”,  I doubted how well it would taste when blended with red peppers and seasoning.

But wow, was I impressed! This spread is so delicious. It actually reminds me the most of one of my favorite cream cheese based spreads I loved during high school. But this one is dairy-free (as well as gluten- and egg-free).

I enjoyed mine with carrot sticks and spread on a turkey sandwich (not that I would recommend that combo for those wanting to keep their lunch vegan!). It would also be great with crackers, cucumbers, or even radishes.

This would be lovely any time of year, but with Christmas just around the corner, it would also make a lovely dip for a pre-Christmas dinner snack or for an appetizer that I think would appeal to many.

As much as I love making my own dips, it’s nice to know there is a healthy, delicious option to buy at the store too!

I haven’t tried the other flavors yet, but my husband vouches that the other flavors, such as their Organic Papaya Curry, Eggplant, or Wild Herb flavor are just as good! You can see all of them here.

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