Yesterday, I tasted the best chocolate ice cream I’ve ever tasted. It was only one taste, though, because it was my son’s ice cream and he wasn’t sharing much of it. It was that good.


We were driving through Virginia on Route 29 (James Madison Highway) and came upon Moo Thru, a roadside ice cream stand, in Remington. It was about time for a stop to stretch our legs, and the sign on Moo Thru said “real ice cream from real dairy farmers.” Clearly, we were supposed to stop there.


I ordered a small cone of cookie dough ice cream. Small, apparently, is relevant term. After stuffing the cone full of ice cream, two more huge scoops of ice cream were put on top. My 13-year-old ordered a medium chocolate ice cream cone. When they handed it to him, his eyes and his smile got huge. The medium had three large scoops on top. For these two totally-not-skimpy cones, I paid a total of $7.00.


My ice cream was very good. Fresh tasting and full flavored with no aftertaste. My son told me I had to try his. I told him I was good. I had more than enough on my cone. “No, mom, you HAVE to try this. This is the best chocolate ice cream ever.”


I gave it a try. He was right. I suddenly really wished I had ordered chocolate.


Moo Thru is owned by the Smith Family of Remington, Va., and they explain on their website why their ice cream is so good.


Moo Thru ice cream is made from only the freshest ingredients. The milk used in Moo Thru ice cream comes from our own prize winning grass fed Holstein herd grazed on a farm along the banks of the Rappahannock River about a mile from Moo Thru. Our ice cream is flavored by the finest ingredients we can find — locally or from around the world. All ice cream is churned on the premises in our special machines.

In addition to ice cream, they also sell fresh, hormone-free milk in glass bottles and offer a few sandwich options.


We make the trip up and down Route 29 in Virginia once every summer. A stop at Moo Thru for ice cream will now be factored into our driving time — probably going both to and from our destination.


Moo Thru is located at 11402 James Madison Highway,
Remington, Va.

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Virginia's Moo Thru: This is what ice cream should taste like
Driving on a long stretch of Route 29 in Virginia, our food blogger and her son find 'the best chocolate ice cream ever' made with local, hormone-free milk.