If you’re a Walmart or Target shopper, the aisles of these popular stores may become even more appealing to you very soon.

Walmart will be bringing more organic foods to its shelves. It’s entered into an exclusive partnership with Wild Oats, an organic brand that’s been around since the 1980s.

Wild Oats used to have its own chain of grocery stores, but they were closed after Whole Foods bought them and there were some legal issues. The brand is now back, and about 100 of its products will become Walmart’s new in-house line.

Walmart says the Wild Oats products will cost about 25 percent less than comparable organic products.

Will this increase the demand for organics? Walmart’s internal research found that 91 percent of their shoppers would buy organics if they found the price affordable. And, with the size of Walmart, this could mean a greater demand for organics in general. To keep up with demand, there could be an increase in organic farming, perhaps a game changing increase.

Target plans to start stocking more environmentally-friendly products from brands they already carry. The new category of goods will be called “Made to Matter — Handpicked by Target.” Brands Target already carries, like Seventh Generation or Kashi, will be creating products exclusively for Target. Over 120 new products will be showing up on the store’s shelves over the next few months.

Target found that 97 percent of shoppers buy products that are natural, organic or sustainable, and the new line is a response to consumer demand.

With Walmart’s increase in organic foods and Target’s increase in a variety of sustainable goods – all at lower prices than a store like Whole Foods – the demand for natural/organic/sustainable products that has been increasing over the past 10 years may see an even greater increase.

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Walmart and Target increase organic and sustainable options to meet consumer demand
Will the sales of affordable organics at Walmart and sustainable goods at Target be game changers?