When I first read about this, I made sure it wasn't a hoax. I double-checked to ensure the date on the original story wasn't April 1. I corroborated the story on reputable news sites like CNN. It turns out, this is true. This summer, London will be home to a pop-up, clothing-optional restaurant called The Bunyadi, at a location still to be disclosed. (Cue jokes about everything that may "pop up" when everyone is naked.)

I wanted to make sure the story was true, not because I was skeptical there might be a clothing-optional restaurant, but because of how many people are waiting for reservations to dine nude or at least among the nude: 38,000 plus, according to the website's counter at the time of writing. The restaurant will seat only 42 people at a time.

Bunyadi means "fundamental, base, natural." In an interview on talkRadio, the restaurant's creator Sebastian Lyall said the idea behind the restaurant is "naked food." The naked/natural concept is carried out in almost all aspects of the restaurant.

The cooking method will be natural — wood. The food will be natural and clean. Food will be served on earthenware with edible cutlery. The tables and chairs will be made from wood. Cellphones, tablets and other electronic devices will not be allowed. (And I suspect that aspect may be more difficult for some people than dining with no clothes.) There is no electricity — dining is by candlelight. The clothing-optional part of the restaurant, or "naked bit" as Lyall called it, will be partitioned off from the rest of the restaurant by bamboo.

The kitchen staff will be fully clothed. The waiters will be naked, except for strategically placed bamboo and leaves so diners will not be at eye level with certain parts of the anatomy.

The restaurant only plans to be open for three months, but if it becomes a massive success they owners will extend it. If all 36,000-plus diners keep their reservations, I imagine it could be a massive success.

If you were able to get one of the 42 seats at this pop-up before it closes, would you be in the "naked bit" part of the restaurant or on the other side of the bamboo partition?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Want to dine nude in London? Get in line
There are over 38,000 people ahead of you waiting to get into London's first clothing-optional restaurant.