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President Obama and the first lady went pumpkin shopping Wednesday at a farmers market in Hampton, Va., the final stop on a three-day bus tour to promote the president's jobs plan. Michelle Obama seemed more enthusiastic about the diversion, examining several large pumpkins as potential jack-o-lanterns while her husband ambled around, shopped for peanuts and chatted with the market owners.


President Obama watched as the first lady lifted a total of 10 pumpkins — including two giant, white "full moon" specimens weighing 70 pounds each — onto a metal cart, the New York Times reports. "How many are you going to buy?" he teased. "You want anything else?"


"No," Mrs. Obama replied, "we'll have enough trouble getting these back."


According to USA Today, the Obamas spent about $60 on their 10 pumpkins, not bad considering pumpkin prices in some Eastern states are 60 percent higher this year than in 2010, thanks to a shortage caused by Hurricane Irene. In addition to pumpkins, the first couple also bought two apples, a bag of peanuts and "a jar of yellow-colored syrup that appeared to possibly be honey," USA Today reports.


While President Obama has had a hard time selling his jobs plan to Republicans in Congress, he acknowledged his wife's success in popularizing nutritious food around the country. "You know Michelle does a good job promoting produce," he said. "She tries to get everyone to eat their vegetables."


Before packing up his pumpkins and heading back to D.C., the president told reporters "We are going to have these out front of the White House, these two white ones. That's what the first lady just decided, and I do what she says." He promised to send photos once the Halloween decorations are set up.


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Watch: Obamas shop for pumpkins
Taking a brief break from politics, President Obama and the first lady visit a Virginia farmers market to prep for Halloween and promote healthy food.