This video of Gordon Ramsay struck a funny bone with me. If you've ever seen this sharp-tongued, highest paid chef in the U.S. on shows such as Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, and Kitchen Nightmares, you know how hard it is to imagine him being in a more humble position in a kitchen.


But every chef had to start somewhere! Here you see him patted on the back and gently honored for his help in the kitchen, scrubbing off the stove, and taking direction from his superior. Every chef part of Hell's Kitchen should watch this video for therapy after being yelled at by Ramsay.


You do have to wonder whether Ramsay remembers what it is like to be under another chef. This film was taken 24 years ago and that's enough time for anyone to forgot. It's easy to do when you've been the one in charge for so many years.


Here's to humble beginnings.





Watch: When Gordon Ramsay was a humble sous-chef
Every famous chef had to start somewhere. In this video Ramsay isn't the hot-headed top chef we know today.