For those who concentrate on making a nourishing and healing diet centered on traditional foods, there aren't a whole lot of cooking channels that fit our needs. I enjoy some of the cooking shows that have recipes centered on traditional French or Italian cooking — it's easy enough to revamp those recipes to suit our needs — but what about a cooking show featuring recipes that don't need to be revamped, but can be made exactly as is? Wow! What a happy concept!

I was so thrilled when I discovered Ariyele Ressler's YouTube cooking channel. Ariyele has experienced chronic health issues, and part of her healing journey has been changing her diet and learning how to cook simple, nourishing food. She is often feisty, funny and entertaining to watch, which is a huge plus. But her recipes and personal story line are what really pull me into her shows. Plus, I love all of the tips and tricks she shares as she makes a dish! It makes her show worth watching purely for the practical tips.

The following episode, in which she shares a lot of tips for those dealing with chronic illness, and a very simple red lentil soup recipe, is a good example of her heart and her work. From someone who has had a long journey through various, sometimes unexplained, ill health, I appreciate her voice. You can follow her channel here, or check out her website, In the Kitchen Keepin' it Real.

Watch: YouTube cooking show that centers on traditional food
Ariyele Ressler features simple, nourishing recipes in her YouTube cooking channel.