It’s Friday afternoon, and that means it’s time for me to give you a little weekend reading from around the Web. Here are a few food related items that I thought might interest you.

My favorite podcast, More Hip than Hippie, tackled the subject of farmed salmon this week. Hosts Dori and Val have lots of fun letting us know that most farmed salmon is not hip.

Crowded feedlots filled with feces? Overuse of antibiotics and pesticides? Greedy corporate disregard for regulations? No, we're not talking about the US ag industry. Salmon farms in Norway, Canada and Chile (and the US) employ these spurious means to feed America's appetite. The Hipsters dive into the murky waters with both eyes open. Also, Dori contemplates chicken ownership while Val coins a new More Hip slogan!
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The United States is going to start testing organic products — the way it should have been doing all along.

The Department of Agriculture said on Friday that it would begin enforcing rules requiring the spot testing of organically grown foods for traces of pesticides, after an auditor exposed major gaps in federal oversight of the organic food industry.
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The Wall Street Journal interviews Jamie Oliver, whose show, Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, debuts on ABC tonight.

British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver comes stateside with a camera crew in tow to teach Americans how to eat right. But will we listen? At least in the first episode of his ABC series, “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution,” which premieres on Friday, the people of Huntington, W. Va., don’t necessarily want his advice.
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You might not need to feel guilty if you missed a meatless Monday or two. A new study says the efforts of those eating less meat for environmental reasons may be futile. We’ve got the story here on MNN.

Eating less meat will not reduce global warming, and claims that it will distract from efforts to find real solutions to climate change, a leading air quality expert said earlier this week.
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