My post yesterday, ‘Use by’ dates contribute to unnecessary food waste, resonated with many of my friends. I think more of them shared it on Facebook than anything I’ve shared with them in the past. One reason is that many people are confused about what all the expiration-like dates stamped on food actually mean. Another reason is that people are concerned about food waste. Whether it’s because it wastes money or because there’s an environmental toll with food waste or because, like the Pope says, wasting food is like stealing from the poor, food waste is getting deserved attention recently.

I’ve rounded up some of the best pieces I’ve seen this week on the topic for some weekend reading.

  • CNN’s infographic visualizes Food Waste: From farm to fork to landfill. There are several startling statistics in the infographic , including this: About a quarter of the water we use on the planet goes to produce food that never gets eaten.
  • In the UK, two-fifths of fruits and vegetables are wasted because they’re ugly. The Guardian reports that this edible food doesn’t meet retail standards on size or shape or has blemishes. I’m going to guess we have similar statistics in the U.S.
  • Time has more discussion on the “use-by” date dilemma and urges consumers to not be so quick to toss expired food.
  • Finally, if you want some in-depth discussion of food waste, take some time view the video from yesterday’s Food Tank’s Food Waste Free NYC event.

I leave you with this weekend challenge. Dig in your fridge and find something that needs to be eaten before it goes bad. Incorporate it into one of your weekend meals. 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.