We have been so blessed to have many friends and family share meals with us over the past few weeks, but it’s meant a lot of leftovers have been in my refrigerator. I’ve done my best to make sure that we wasted as little as possible, but try as I might, some things end up thrown away.


I was reading Judith Jones’ “The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food” last week (I highly recommend it by the way), and she talked about how she and her husband would create lunches based on the odds and ends they would have in their refrigerator because they couldn’t bare to waste food. I’ve been working on that since both my husband and I work from home. I’ve found that if I keep a good supply of Naan in the freezer, I can usually find ways to make creative flat bread pizzas out of just about anything.


It also helps to keep reminding myself about the statistics of food waste. When I find that I’ve gotten a little lax with food waste, doing that gives me an incentive to get back on track.


  • Here’s the most shocking statistic I’ve read recently. Ninety-seven million pounds of edible turkey meat gets thrown away at Christmastime! That’s according to Blue Channel 24. They have some other staggering statistics as well as some tips to waste less food.
  • Eat.Drink.Better has a two-part post with 11 ways to reduce everyday food waste. Using these methods can help you save 35 percent on your food bill.
  • The Natural Resources Defense Council has created a Food Facts infographic that puts food waste into picture perfect perspective. Which foods do we waste the most of? Turns out its meat and fish – two of the most expensive foods to create and to buy.
  • It’s not just personal food waste that’s a problem. The food wasted in grocery stores before consumers even buy it is staggering. The New York Times reports that the Grocery Manufacturers Association is aiming to “both to reduce the amount of food sent to landfills and to increase donations to food banks for the poor.”


Have a safe and happy New Year!


Image: Matt Callow

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

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