It’s the weekend. Hopefully you have a little time to get a little creative and tackle a DIY project. I noticed a DIY theme in a lot I was reading (& writing) this week, so I thought I’d pass some of the info along to you.


  • The latest DIY craze, according to The Wall Street Journal, is cheese and other dairy. Mozzarella, chèvre, yogurt and butter, foods that don’t need a lot of special equipment or lots of time, are being tackled by non-professional cooks in their home kitchens.
  • At the recent Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco, USA Today reports that DIY Food Kits were one of the trends. The kits contain all the ingredients and detailed instructions on how to prepare foods like cheese or pies.
  • If your DIY adventures have left you with an abundance of Mason jars (I admit I have dozens more Mason jars hanging around than I did a few years ago), TLC has 50 Ways to Hack a Mason Jar. From growing sprouts to making a snow globe, Mason jars can do a lot more than just house dried beans.
  • Here on MNN, we have some DIY Valentine’s Gift ideas. There are homemade gift ideas for him and her. There are a few food gift ideas. Homemade Nutella anyone?

Enjoy your weekend!


Photo: Matt Callow/Flickr

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

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