It hasn’t been a good news week. Our economy is unstable. Wall Street can’t make up its mind. Riots in London and its outskirts shocked and surprised the world (and smashed up one of Jamie Oliver’s restaurants). It’s time for some good news, don’t you think? Here is some weekend reading to take your mind off your troubles.

  • Although there was much unrest in England this week, citizens are coming together to help clean up. BBC has a great photo of a broom army that gathered together to help clean up the Clapham Junction area.
  • Farmers markets are growing at a record pace, and they’re generating thousands of jobs. Rodale reports that in the past year, the number of markets has increased by at least 17 percent and there are more encouraging statistics in the piece.
  • No one needs to convince me to drink more wine, but if I did need convincing, this would help. The health benefits of wine may be even greater than previously believed. Xfinity says that wine may help prevent sunburn (kind of), plus there’s more good news about my favorite Friday night drink.
  • Three states — Florida, Maryland and Massachusetts — are offering tax-free shopping during certain days the week coming up. This should help a little with some of the back-to-school shopping that needs to get done. has the details, plus the dates of other states’ tax-free shopping.

Enjoy your weekend! 

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Weekend reads: We can all use a little good news
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