Mario Batali’s typical day starts around 8 a.m. and goes until midnight or 1 a.m. In between those hours, he tapes television shows, runs restaurants and eating emporiums, creates dishes and menus, oversees the items he puts his name on like cookware and Crocs (available in orange, of course), takes meetings with his team, talks people into eating tripe, has the occasional dinner with Bono and “all the other stuff [he’s] agreed to do.”



One of the things I thought of while watching this video was the brouhaha over ghostwritten celebrity cookbooks from a couple weeks back. If this is a typical day for Mario Batali, it’s probably a typical day for many of the other celebrity chefs and cooks who have TV shows, write cookbooks, own restaurants and make public appearances. Of course, they’ll need help writing their cookbooks, and, I’m still okay with that.


The other thing that struck me is how he's surrounded himself with people he can trust enough to allow them to run things for him. Yes, he does a lot, but he has a lot of help doing it all. Pretty smart.

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What does Mario Batali's day look like?
Hulu’s ‘A Day in the Life’ series profiles a typical day in the life of celebrity chef Mario Batali.