As I walked through Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia as the solar eclipse was at its height in my region, the park was full of people sharing eclipse-safe glasses, pinhole cameras and oohs and aahs as the moon partially covered the sun.

Those weren't the only things people shared during the celestial event. As eclipse-mania swept the country, skywatchers shared themed food with each other, and, of course, on Instagram.

Total Eclipse of the Tart

Bonnie Tyler's 1983 hit, "Total Eclipse of the Heart" became the unofficial theme song of the 2017 eclipse. One clever baker riffed on the title to make this delicious-looking tart.

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A little something for the grown-ups, a little something for the kids

We see what you did there. Sun. Moon. Light. Not everything needs to look like the eclipse to be eclipse-party worthy.

Junk food overload

Again, we see what you did there. Any celestial-named sweet or salty snack made its way into this eclipse party's munchies.

Tricked-out MoonPies

The snack that turns 100 this year got a boost in sales from the eclipse, according to Times Free Press.

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🌘Eclipse QUICK treats if you suddenly realized (like me) you have people to feed for an hour later today! 💁🏻Help me add to the list! Store-bought: Moonpies, Milky Ways, Mars Bars, Sunkist orange soda, Blue Moon beer, Sun Chips, Bomb frozen pops, Krispy Kreme eclipse 🍩 . Homemade: Galaxy anything - like this popcorn recipe! Makes 11 cups 10 cups white popped popcorn 1 cup toasted nuts of choice Star shaped sprinkles Three 12 ounce packages candy melting discs, in black, blue and lavender . Spread popped corn on rimmed baking sheets. Sprinkle nuts and star shapes over popcorn. Melt discs according to package directions and drizzle over popcorn mixture. . Allow to harden for 1 minute. Break into pieces and serve. . #eclipse#eclipsefoodideas#eclipsepopcorn#eclipsefood

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If it's moon-shaped, it counts

This is one of the cheesier offerings, both literally and figuratively. Crescent-shaped ham and cheese rolls represent the moon.

Phases of the eclipse cookies

One popular treat that sustained eclipse-maniacs through the less than two hours of the event were cookies made to look like they were being overtaken by the moon. This clever batch went through all the phases.

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eeek ... #eclipse #cookies

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Path of Totality cocktail

Of course someone had to create a black cocktail.

What did you munch on during the eclipse?

Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

What foods paired well with the eclipse?
Pinhole cameras weren't the only thing people created for the eclipse. They also made eclipse-themed foods.