I have friends on Facebook who seem to have all the time in the world to take quizzes to find out what state they should live in or what their old person name is, or — and this one cracked me up — Which Jung Archetype Best Describes You?

I try not to take the bait. Prior to today I think the last quiz I took was to confirm if my boyfriend from high school was right – I am, apparently, the Ally Sheedy character from “The Breakfast Club” and not the Molly Ringwald character. (Some blows to your fragile teenage ego never fully heal.)

Today, I caved on another quiz, How Big of a Foodie Are You? For the past several days, it’s popped up in my Facebook timeline over and over as various friends took the quiz and posted their results. This odd little thing started happening in my brain each time I saw the link and the attached photo of Anthony Bourdain. (Which I’m sure he did not authorize for use with the quiz.)

I started looking at people’s scores and thinking to myself, “I’m more of a foodie than that person, and they got an 85 percent.” Or, “He got a 100 percent! He eats fast food!” My thoughts were ridiculous and irrational. Who cares what other people scored? Why should I care what I would score? There’s no scientific methodology behind these quizzes. Still, earlier today, I gave in. I had to know.

My result was smugly assuring. I scored 100 percent on the foodie quiz. I know what a “deconstructed dish” is, and I’ve preserved food. There may be people who are my equals as a foodie, but no one can claim to be a bigger foodie than I am. Woo-hoo!!!! I do deserve my job! An Internet quiz told me so.

What is it about this type of quiz that is so tempting?

Is it boredom?

Is it a desire to be part of the crowd? (Everyone else is doing it.)

Is it too much time on our hands?

Is it narcissism? (I want to be more of a foodie than anyone else. I want to be the prettiest Disney princess. I want everyone to know that I really should be living in California.)

What is it?

Because we all know these quizzes are bogus, right? They don’t mean anything. Maybe I need to start a new quiz: How Irrationally Attracted to These Kind of Quizzes Are You?

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What tempts us to take a quiz?
I caved and took the foodie quiz. Good news: I get to keep my job.