Some love maca for its alleged libido-boosting effects. I just love the stuff because it's sweet and yummy — especially when combined with chocolate. My favorite way to eat maca? Biting into the Chocolate Maca Chunk bar from Lulu's Chocolate. I discovered this organic, raw, vegan, handcrafted raw chocolate at Lightning in a Bottle, when I stopped by the Lulu's Chocolate booth (below). Inside, visitors were invited to sit on cushions, sampling bites of the chocolates along with free tea.

Lulu's chocolate booth at Lightning in a Bottle

After tasting the Chocolate Maca Chunk, I had to buy it. The bar brings together the best parts of two other Lulu's Chocolate bars — the Maca Love Bar with its sweet maca taste and the Aztec Crunch with its high chocolate content and crunchy cacao nibs. Combined, they make the Chocolate Maca Chunk, a dreamy, melt-in-your-mouth raw treat made with 13 percent maca and 62 percent cacao, sweetened with Coconut Secret coconut crystals, and flavored with organic mesquite, vanilla bean and sea salt.

The bars are smaller than most chocolate bars — which I think "right-sizes" the snack to prevent overindulging — though after finishing a bar, I immediately wanted more! Each 1-ounce bar has 142 calories. And all that yumminess comes wrapped in compostable NatureFlex cellulose film with a recycled paper sleeve.

Lulu's Chocolate -- Chocolate Maca Chunk bar

I regretted not buying more bars while at Lightning in a Bottle, but luckily found the bars again after I got home, this time at Erewhon, a popular natural foods store in Los Angeles! You can find the bars at many natural food stores across the country or at Lulu's Chocolate's online store for $4.44 each.

When chocolate met maca
MNN's lifestyle blogger loves the sweet and crunchy taste of Chocolate Maca Chunk — a raw, organic, vegan and fair trade chocolate bar handcrafted by Lulu's C