Nature photographer Chris Jordan has some shocking images on the Inside, Looking Out site that show the trash found inside the stomachs of decomposing albatross chicks. In a blog post titled If these images don’t encourage you to recycle … nothing will, he has images of three different decomposing birds with mounds of bottle caps, cigarette lighters, pen caps and other plastic pieces found where their stomachs once were. The assumption is that the large beaked birds ingested them while picking up other food.

I encourage you to go over to the blog post and take a look at the images. This is just one of the environmental tragedies that occur when we don't properly dispose of our trash. He’s also posted a short video that shows what he’s found in one baby albatross. You need to see this. There are at least 15 plastic bottle caps there and other plastic debris. 


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Where our trash ends up
Appalling video shows mound of bottle caps and other plastic trash in dead bird’s stomach.