Happy #freeconeday! You'll probably see that hashtag trending today on Twitter as ice cream lovers flock to Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops to get their annual free cone. You can find the closest free cone to you at Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop locator.

Go ahead and indulge. Besides being absolutely delicious, Ben & Jerry’s is committed to sustainability sourcing and ingredients. Here are just a few of the things that make the ice cream company stand out.

  • Ben & Jerry's is committed to sourcing all its ingredients non-GMO by the end of 2013. Eight percent of its ingredients already are non-GMO, and it also supports efforts to have GMO foods labeled.
  • The company already uses many Fair Trade products and is in the process of transitioning all products to Fair Trade ingredients.
  • Ben & Jerry's is committed to paying all its full time employees a livable wage, recalculating the amount each year.
So you have my permission to head out to the closest Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop and grab your free cone today.

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Where to get your free Ben & Jerry's cone
Today is Ben & Jerry’s annual free cone day, and you have permission to indulge in this socially responsible treat.