Bill Yosses, the White House pastry chef who creates the White House Gingerbread House each holiday season, has been at the White House since 2007. It wasn’t until the Obamas came to live there, however, that he started making desserts with health in mind. First lady Michelle Obama instructed him to make desserts that were more healthful and smaller and to make them less often for the first family.

Now, Chef Yosses is leaving the White House, not because of the limitations on his culinary creativity but because of the opposite. In creating healthful desserts for the first family, his culinary creativity grew and now he’s going to New York City to teach children and adults how to eat better – although the exact details of how he will do so have yet to be nailed down. 

In creating the more healthful desserts for the first family, Chef Yosses drew inspiration from the White House garden with its seasonal fruit and vegetables, flavorful herbs and fresh honey.

Not all of the desserts he’s created during the Obamas' time in the White House have been more healthful. For holidays and state dinners, he still whips up traditional cakes, pies and cookies. For the day-to-day dining, however, he’s changed things up to meet the needs of the first family and changed some of his own eating habits along the way.

What does Michelle Obama think about losing pastry chef to take up her cause of healthier eating? She says she’s sad to see him go, but is grateful for his outstanding work and for being “a key partner helping us get the White House kitchen garden off the ground and building a healthier future for our next generation.”

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White House pastry chef is so inspired by his healthful creations that he’s leaving
When the first lady asked Chef Bill Yosses to change up the first family's desserts, he did. Now he's leaving to teach others how to eat better.