Whole Foods stores will have organic whole chickens on sale tomorrow for $1.99 a pound. That’s a story in itself. It’s an almost unheard of price for organic chicken, especially at Whole Foods. But, there’s another story associated with this organic chicken sale that has the wheels in my head turning about racism, honest mistakes, stupid mistakes, making amends, and a few other things. Watch.

I have to say, my first thought when I saw the advertisement of President Obama’s likeness advertising chicken was not of racism. I didn’t think, “There’s a black man being used to sell chicken. How stereotypical and racist.” My first thought was, “What type of political statement are they trying to make with the president being angry at a sale on organic chicken?”

But, I’m not African American, and what I see when I look at an advertisement is going to be different than what others see. I am left with some questions, though. There is certainly the question of whether it was racist or not, but I don’t feel qualified to answer that.

There’s another question I have. The gentleman, Mr. Henderson, who was offended by the advertisement, let the store know it was offensive and he thought it was racist. The store immediately took the ad down and disposed of it. They said they meant no disrespect, that it was just one in a series of pop culture figures used to advertise their products. If that’s true, and they immediately rectified the situation when it was brought to their attention, is that enough?

It seems to me it should be. It should be the way it works. Someone, or some company, makes an unintended mistake. It’s brought to their attention. They fix the mistake – in this case disposing of the ad. Is a protest or rally about it appropriate?

What do you think?

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Whole Foods uses Obama's likeness to sell chicken
An ad of President Obama selling chicken at a Whole Foods is perceived as racist.