By now, you should be getting the message that food is usually safe to eat past its sell-by date. Unfortunately, many people use that date as a throw-away date, and tons of perfectly good food ends up in the trash — just another statistic of food waste.

Doug Rauch, former president of Trader Joe’s, is looking to put a dent in those statistics. NPR reports that he’s planning a grocery store/restaurant hybrid called Daily Table in Massachusetts. Perfectly good food that would be thrown away simply because of a date stamped on it will be turned into prepared food and sold at prices that will compete with fast food.

The prices might be comparable to fast food, but the food sold at Daily Table will be made up of mostly fruits and vegetables that are just past their sell-by date.

I love this idea. I would have no problem buying already prepared food under these circumstances. It would probably not be as far past the sell-by date as some of the foods I pull out of my own refrigerator or cabinets.

Would you buy prepared foods if you knew they came from ingredients that were slightly past their sell-by date?

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Would you eat at an expired food restaurant?
Former president of Trader Joe's tackles food waste by making prepared foods from items past their sell-by dates at the Daily Table.