Halloween will be here in a little over two weeks. If you haven’t already purchased your decorations, you may be able to spend your entire budget on one pumpkin and get your shopping done quickly.

Cinagro Farms in Ventura County, California, is growing Pumpkinsteins, Frankenstein-shaped pumpkins that are organic and edible. This no-carve décor is made possible by putting the growing pumpkin, while it’s still small enough, inside of a mold. As the pumpkin grows, it takes on the shape of the mold.

It’s taken farmer Tony Dighera four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to perfect his shaped pumpkins, but he expects to earn that money back now that’s he’s perfected the process. He sells them wholesale for $75, and retailers are selling them for as much as $125. Expect to see heart-shaped watermelons come Valentine’s Day from the creative farmer.

The Pumpkinsteins are pretty cool, but $75 and up for a pumpkin? That’s an entire year’s worth of Halloween budget in my home – including my kids’ costumes and the treats we give out.

Would you pay upwards of $75 for a Pumpkinstein?

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Would you pay $75 (or more) for a Pumpkinstein?
Edible, Frankenstein-shaped pumpkins complete with furrowed brow and deep-set eyes are selling for $75 and up in California.