I’m a big fan of The Rainforest Alliance and the good work it does. I got to see firsthand how the organization has improved the lives of small coffee farmers in Guatemala two summers ago. Working with the Rainforest Alliance to achieve certification has positively impacted the environment, the community, the health of the farmers and the farmers' financial stability.

This week is Follow the Frog week, a week of events and promotions surrounding the products that carry Rainforest Alliance certification. To kick off the week, the organization has released a video titled “Hidden Consequences.” We don’t always see the impact that our choices have on the environment, but what if we did?

Rainforest Alliance logoThe easiest way to Follow the Frog is to look for Rainforest Alliance-certified products in your grocery store. If you’re paying attention, you might be surprised at some of the brands that carry the certification. Lipton tea, Dove Dark Chocolate, and Dole bananas are just a few of the products from recognizable companies that are adding sustainable foods to their brands.

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Robin Shreeves ( @rshreeves ) focuses on food from a family perspective from her home base in New Jersey.

Your choices matter, even if the consequences are hidden
The Rainforest Alliance's new video suggests what it would be like if the environmental consequences of your food choices happened in your own backyard.