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5 outrageous bacon creations

By: Matt Hickman on Nov. 28, 2011, 8:47 a.m.
bacon martini at Double Down Saloon

Photo: Martini Mike/Flickr

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The Double Down Saloon's bacon martini

Although martinis made with bacon-infused vodka and garnished with bacon bits aren’t too hard to come by these days, the Double Down Saloon proudly claims to be the birthplace of the original bacon martini. With locations in Las Vegas and New York’s East Village, the deliriously divey Double Down describes itself as “a clubhouse for the lunatic fringe” and is famous for pouring shots of something called A** Juice. Also, the anything-goes bar has one strict rule: “You puke … you clean.” Charming.

Now that we’ve established the filthy origins of the bacon martini (funny, we always figured it originated at some swank, experimental cocktail lounge, not at a self-consciously dingy dive bar), here’s how they make it: Bacon-infused vodka is strained through shaken ice and served in a martini glass with bacon bits at the bottom. Simple enough. For those looking to concoct a more complex version of this inappropriate breakfast replacement at home, the L.A. Times has a recipe for candied bacon martinis that calls for 35 minutes of prep time and countless hours of indigestion. Want to add chocolate to your carnivorous cocktail? Seattle’s Capitol Club offers a Chocolate Bacon Martini made from candied bacon-infused vodka, Godiva chocolate liquor and a splash of cream. Yikes. What’s next, a ground beef gimlet? Spam-infused scorpion bowls?