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8 carnival foods we dare you to try

By: Matt Hickman on Aug. 23, 2011, 7:49 a.m.
chocolate-covered grubs, crickets, scorpions, peppers

Photo: Arizona State Fair

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Chocolate-covered scorpions, crickets and more

Where: Arizona State Fair

When: Oct. 14-Nov. 6

If a spin on the Gravitron wasn’t stomach-churning enough, adventurous epicureans at the Arizona State Fair have the option of dining on Chef John’s scorpions — or crickets and grubs, if you prefer — that have been deep-fried, smothered in chocolate and skewered on a stick. And now we know where the term “not for a million bucks” comes from. In all seriousness, crunchy fried scorpion treats aren’t just a “Fear Factor”-ish state fair novelty — the arachnids have long been considered a delicacy in China. Still, we think we’ll pass … and probably not for the reindeer dogs, smoked lizard, rocky mountain oysters (bull testicles) and sautéed mealworm caramel apples, all which can also be found at the Arizona State Fair.