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8 carnival foods we dare you to try

By: Matt Hickman on Aug. 23, 2011, 7:49 a.m.
deep-fried butter balls

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Deep-fried butter balls

Where: Texas State Fair, Dallas

When: Sept. 30-Oct. 23

Well, Paula Deen, it looks like you can now literally eat your heart out (okay, maybe you already have). First unveiled as the big winner at the 2009 edition of Bob Greene’s worst nightmare, the Texas State Fair’s Big Tex Choice Awards, deep-fried butter balls are the unholy creation of deep-fry demigod Abel Gonzales Jr. Like other boundary-pushing Gonzales-concocted delicacies such as fried cookie dough and fried Coke, deep-fried butter balls are prepared exactly as one would expect: Golf ball-sized scoops of whipped butter are rolled in a sweet dough, flavored, tossed in a deep fryer and served piping hot. We must admit that these nuggets of dairy decadence do sound somewhat appealing — but let’s keep that a secret, OK?