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8 carnival foods we dare you to try

By: Matt Hickman on Aug. 23, 2011, 7:49 a.m.
spam curds with ranch dressing

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Spam curds

Where: The Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul. 

When: Aug. 25-Sept. 5

If you’re not really feeling the whole food-on-a-stick shtick that prevails at the gastronomic minefield that is the Minnesota State Fair, here’s an equally unhealthy, stick-free option: Spam curds, diced chunks of cheese-flavored Spam that are battered, deep-friend and served in a basket with a side of ranch dressing. Or, you could just opt for a Spam burger. The presence of Spam at the fair makes perfect sense given that the ubiquitous canned mystery meat — it’s actually a mixture of chopped pork shoulder ham and a bunch of preservatives — was first created in Minnesota in 1937. In fact, the city of Austin, Minn., has been lovingly dubbed “Spam Town USA” thanks to the presence of Spam-maker Hormel’s headquarters and the Spam Museum.