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8 surprising places to find organic food

By: Sidney Stevens on Sept. 22, 2010, 12:05 p.m.
People swirl around on a ride at Tivoli Gardens in Denmark.

Photo: Stig Nygaard/Flickr

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Theme parks

You may have to travel abroad if you want your thrill rides and organic eating too. BeWILDerwood eco-adventure park in the United Kingdom serves local and organic foods wherever possible, as do several restaurants at Denmark’s Tivoli Gardens.

That’s not to say American theme-park visitors can’t find green goodies closer to home. Mickey and Donald have taken a leap onto the organic bandwagon — though by Disney’s own admission, not a flying leap.

If you’re willing to wait, there’s always EarthQuest, a planned green-themed family destination in East Montgomery County, Texas (near Houston). Though not expected to open until 2013 — and the website makes no mention of organic — this proposed eco-project seems an ideal place for green eateries. Same for Earthpark, another eco-adventureland being planned in Iowa.