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DIY organic biscotti with chocolate chips

By: Ashley Chase on Dec. 3, 2009, 8:55 a.m.

Photo: LouisHeimstra/iStockphoto

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Gift tips

• Try filling an oversized, reusable coffee mug with biscotti — a gift within a gift.

• Use recycled paper gift bags. It looks great if you stand up each cookie on end in a reusable bag. Add a festive touch with "ribbon" made from raffia or hemp twine from the local crafts store.

• Use recycled, but still shiny, aluminum foil to wrap up individual pieces. sells recycled shiny foil. A 50-square-foot roll costs $5.95.

• Use 100 percent recycled gift wrap paper. Green Field Paper Company provides a variety of paper designs printed using soy-based inks, instead of conventional petroleum-based inks. Two large sheets in a roll measuring 22-inch x 33.75-inch cost $7.95.

• Other sources of recycled gift wrapping paper include: and