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DIY organic biscotti with chocolate chips

By: Ashley Chase on Dec. 3, 2009, 8:55 a.m.

Photo: cursedthing/Flickr

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Whether you shop for ingredients at a conventional market or natural foods store, make sure the product is certified USDA Organic or Fair Trade (for the cocoa, coffee and chocolate chips), and bears these third-party seals rather than making unverifiable claims. Here are some product brands that we used, which can be found at Whole Foods or regional green supermarkets such as Mrs. Green's.

• Equal Exchange organic and fair trade certified baking cocoa.

• Florida Crystals organic cane powdered and granulated sugar. Their granulated sugar is slightly finer and less refined than traditional sugar, but it is a cup-for-cup replacement for white granulated sugar. It's certified kosher, too!

• King Arthur or Arrowhead Mills unbleached, all-purpose, organic white flour (also available at Stop & Shop). Do not use whole wheat or spelt flour for this recipe! Organic Powdered Sugar — Florida Crystals brand, 16 oz. for $3.19 at Mrs. Green's — ultra fine 10X confectioner's sugar made from organic sugarcane. Non-GMO and also certified kosher!

• Organic Valley or Horizon organic, no-salt butter.

• Trader Joe's medium roast organic, fair trade coffee (or peruse store shelves for the many companies that bear both seals, like Dean's Beans and Pura Vida (which is also certified shade-grown).

• SunSpire or Sweet Earth organic/fair trade certified semi-sweet chocolate chips.

• Eggs that are organic and/or certified humane, from happier, healthier hens (both kinds of eggs are widely available in conventional as well as natural foods stores).