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How do these 10 Thanksgiving staples compare on nutritional value?

By: Robin Shreeves on Nov. 16, 2010, 7:22 a.m.
packages of frozen green beans


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Green beans

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Cut Green Beans vs. Green Giant Green Bean Casserole: Green bean casserole may be a tradition at Thanksgiving, but serving plain green beans makes a lot more nutritional sense. With a perfect NuVal score of 100, Green Giant Cut Green Beans in a steamable bag are nutritious vegetables with nothing else added. Green Giant Green Bean Casserole, on the other hand, scores a 23 — a sad score for a vegetable sure to be on many Thanksgiving tables.

Take a look at these nutrition facts. Per serving, the cut green beans have 30 calories, no sodium and no fat. Per serving, the green bean casserole has 100 calories, 450 milligrams of sodium and 8 grams of fat. The green bean casserole also has partially hydrogenated soy bean oil, added colors and artificial flavors.

So when you put the green beans on the table this Thanksgiving, skip the added fat, sodium and cholesterol. Make sure there are a lot more beans and a lot less casserole on the plates. A bonus — the plain green beans will be less expensive than the casserole.