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How do these 10 Thanksgiving staples compare on nutritional value?

By: Robin Shreeves on Nov. 16, 2010, 7:22 a.m.
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Stove Top Turkey Stuffing vs. Stove Top Chicken Stuffing with Whole Wheat: Stuffing is a key player in the Thanksgiving tradition. If you don’t make your own, chances are you use a stuffing mix like Stove Top. Is one kind of Stove Top nutritionally better than another?

According to NuVal, yes. Stove Top Chicken Stuffing with Whole Wheat has a NuVal score of 14, while Stove Top Turkey Stuffing earns a score of 5. What’s the difference? The whole wheat flour adds fiber to the chicken stuffing. The chicken stuffing has 3 grams of fiber per serving compared with less than 1 gram of fiber per serving in the turkey stuffing. Both stuffings are similar in fat, calories and sodium, but the chicken stuffing contains sugar while the turkey stuffing has high-fructose corn syrup.