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Know your leafy greens: 15 favorites to add to your diet

By: Melissa Breyer on Dec. 21, 2017, 12:52 p.m.
Beet greens

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2. Beet greens

We know beets primarily for their gorgeous fuchsia roots which are sweet, earthy and highly versatile. But don’t forget their humble greens! Beet greens taste a bit like the roots themselves with a slightly sweet and bitter edge, and are great for steaming or sautéing. While the root bulb can endure patiently in cool storage, the greens wilt more quickly and should be eaten as soon as possible. To use the greens, remove them from the roots to prevent wilting; and then remove the leaves from the thick stems. Beets are grown in more than 30 states and though they are usually available year-round, the peak season is June through October.