Can you name these fruits and veggies?

Green patterned veggie

Test your produce prowess by correctly identifying these odd-but-edible plants. (Are you ready to be stumped?)

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Exotic root vegetable
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What's this root vegetable called?

Also known as the "New Zealand yam," the oca is cultivated in the Andes of South America. It tastes tangy and sweet, and some varieties taste more like fruit than root!

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Tropical fruit
What's the name of this tropical fruit?

Sometimes called a "vegetable brain," the ackee hails from tropical West Africa but is also popular in Jamaica, Haiti and Cuba.

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Brown nutlike plant
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What in the world are these?

Actually tubers, tiger nuts were originally cultivated in ancient Egypt but have gained popularity as one of the primary ingredients in horchata, a milky Spanish beverage.

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Hairy exotic fruit
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What's the name of this hairy exotic fruit?

Actually, the rambutan's name comes from the Malay word for "hairy." The fruit inside can be compared to a grape, with a sweet and sour flavor.

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Trippy green vegetable
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What is the name of this trippy green vegetable?

Romanesco, also called Roman cauliflower, is an edible fractal. Its mesmerizing Fibonacci patterns are filled with vitamin C, vitamin K, fiber and carotenoids.

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Lantern-like fruit
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What is this lantern-like fruit called?

The physalis, native to South America, comes from the nightshade family. With a mild, refreshing acidity, it can be used in cooking like a tomato.

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Oddly-shaped green vegetable
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What is this odd-shaped veggie called?

A relative of wild cabbage, the kohlrabi has been hailed as one of the 150 healthiest foods on Earth. A popular vegetable in India, virtually every part of the plant is edible.

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Round purple fruit
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What is the name of this deep purple fruit?

The jabuticaba, which appears to grow directly out of the trunk of the tree, is used for wines and liqueurs in its native South America.

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Exotic root vegetable
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What's this exotic root vegetable?

Salsify has historically been popular in Europe and the Near East for its flavor, which is akin to artichoke hearts. It is also believed to have medicinal qualities and was once thought to cure snake bites.

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Yellow spiky fruit
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What is this strange spiked fruit?

Also known as "blowfish fruit," the African horned melon (or cucumber) tastes like a cross between a cucumber and a zucchini, and it is rich in both vitamin C and fiber.

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Sprouting root vegetable
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Name this root vegetable:

Celeriac is a popular potato alternative in Europe, with significantly less starch than its over-utilized counterpart.

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Bristly exotic fruit
What's this bristly fruit called?

Known in Southeast Asia as the "king of fruits," durian smells bad but reportedly tastes like almond-flavored custard.

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Leafy green
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What is the name of this leafy green?

Also known as "Chinese broccoli," this Cantonese leafy green can be used in place of broccoli or even as an addition to a salad. It is one of the parents of the hybrid vegetable broccolini.

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Red berries
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What are these berries called?

Native to West Africa, the miracleberry utilizes a molecule called miraculin that distorts the shape of sweetness receptors on the taste buds. It can make even the sourest lemon taste sweet!

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What's the name of this small and lumpy root vegetable?

Also known as the "Jerusalem artichoke," the sunchoke is native to North America and can be used as a low-starch substitute for potatoes.

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Exotic fruit with white flesh
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What is this thing?

It may take a while to get through the hard outer shell of this fruit from Southeast Asia, but mangosteen's sweet, citrusy flesh is well worth it.

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Samphire growing out from the ground
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What's this rugged vegetable called?

Also known as "sea asparagus," samphire grows along the rocky, salt-sprayed regions near the ocean in northern Europe. It can be used as a complement to fish dishes or on its own in a salad.

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Orblike translucent fruit
What's the name of this orb-shaped fruit?

Native to Southeast Asia, India and Bhutan, langsat tastes like a bittersweet grapefruit when it is ripe.

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Spiky cactus
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What kind of veggie comes from a cactus?!

Nopales come from a part of the prickly pear cactus, and — once removed from the spines — can be a delicious component of Mexican cuisine!

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Lumpy green fruit
What's this green, lumpy fruit called?

Native to the Andes, cherimoyas taste like a mix between a banana and a pineapple. No wonder Mark Twain described this fruit as "the most delicious fruit known to men."

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Long, slender root vegetable
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What's the name of this slender root vegetable?

Also called cassava, this starchy root vegetable is native to South America. But beware, manioc can be toxic if not prepared correctly.

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Red scaly fruit
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What's the name of this red, scaly fruit?

The reddish scales of this unusual fruit must be peeled away to get to the flesh. The aguajefruit is popular in the Amazon jungle and can be used to make a delicious, exotic wine.

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Reddish seaweed
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What's the name of this vegetable of the sea?

Dulse is a common North Atlantic seaweed rich in vitamin B and fiber.

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Large green fruit
What's this large green fruit called?

Growing as heavy as 80 pounds, jackfruit is the world's largest tree-borne fruit. Popular in India, its starchy, buttery flesh is a great source of fiber — and delicious fried up in chip form!

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Long bean
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What's this long, thin bean called?

Though they rarely grow much longer than half a yard, yardlong beans (Chinese long beans) grow remarkably fast and are a great source of fiber and vitamins C and A.

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Cornlike fruit
What's the name of this flowered fruit?

It looks a little like corn, with pineapple-like flesh — and it's toxic unless totally ripe. Monsterosa deliciosa, native to Central American forests, takes up to a year to reach its safe-to-eat ripeness.

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Spiral shaped vegetable
What's this spiral-shaped veggie called?

Fiddleheads are actually the furled fronds of a baby fern. Popular in New England, experts must forage for this plant in the wild — but the effort pays off these succulent, nutritious and versatile veggies.

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Tree fruit
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What is this large fruit?

The cupuaçu, found throughout the Amazon basin, smells of chocolate and pineapple. Its buttery, thick flesh tastes like pear with a hint of pineapple.

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Light yellow fruit
Finally, can you identify this melon-like fruit?

The pepino is a sweet fruit that is related to nightshades such as tomatoes and eggplant. Native to South America, pepino plants are resilient and produce fruit quickly.