Do you know what these food certification labels mean?

A snack bag with labels claiming organic, non-gmo and whole grain content
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Non-GMO. Organic. Fair trade. You see these labels on all kinds of products, but do you know what they mean? Take this quiz to find out.

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Blank seal of the sun and a meadow
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Which organization does this seal belong to?

The seal belong to Animal Welfare Approved. Its standards for approval vary from animal to animal, but the organization's overall goal is to ensure that animals "be able to behave naturally and be in a state of physical and psychological well-being" while on a farm.

Animal Welfare Approved seal

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The Rainforest Alliance Seal
Photo: Rainforest Alliance
If a product has this label, what does it mean about the originating farm?

In addition to protecting workers, their families and their communities, the Rainforest Alliance requires farms to maintain soil quality, reduce the use of chemicals, increase tree cover and protect wildlife.

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Non-GMO Project Verified seal
Photo: Non-GMO Project
If you see this label on a product, does it means is GMO free?

As the Non-GMO Project explains on its website, there's no legal or scientific way to define something as GMO free. However, if a product does have the label, it has less than 0.9 percent GMO ingredients in it, which is the standard used by the European Union. Of course, 0 percent GMO is the goal of the intiative.

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USDA Organic label
Photo: USDA
Which these statements is not true about the USDA Organic label?

To receive the USDA Organic label, the production must be certified by a USDA-authorized agent. So if you see a USDA Organic label, you can know that the product has gone through a vetting process to make sure it's all organic.

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Blank stamp-like food label
Blank stamp-like food label
If you see this stamp-like label on a package of food, what can you expect?

You'll see this stamp on a package with 100 percent whole grain ingredients and at least 16 grams of whole grains per serving. There is a version of this stamp that does not have the 100 percent banner, and that means that only some of its grain ingredients are whole grain.

Whole Grain Stamps

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American Grassfed Association seal
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In addition to being grassfed before slaughter, what else can you can expect from meat bearing this label?

Meat with this label was not only grassfed but was never given anitbiotics or growth hormones and it was allowed to forage on a pasture.

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Marine Stewardship Council seal
Photo: Marine Stewardship Council
Which of these is not a requirement to receive this seal?

The Marine Stewardship Council does not require fisheries to set prices for their products, but the other three options — sustainable practices, environmentally friendly operations and an adherence to laws and regulations — are the primary requirements for seafood with the seal.

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Bird Friendly Coffee label
Photo: Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center
Coffee bearing this label is certified organic, but what makes the coffee so bird-friendly?

The presence of shade trees helps to make this coffee bird-friendly. Large shade trees assist in bird migrations, giving them places to rest during their long treks. Shade trees also result in better tasting coffee, according to the Smithsonian's Migratory Bird Center.

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Blank fish logo
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Which organization does this label belong to?

It's the label of Salmon-Safe. This label indicates that the farm or vineyard the product originated farm has met standards that protect water quality and habitats for salmon to live and reproduce.

Salmon Safe label

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Fair Trade Certified logo
Photo: Fair Trade USA
You've probably heard the term 'fair trade,' but if you see this label, do you know what it means?

Fair Trade USA's standards encompass more than the just ones laid out here. Products bearing the label means they were made with sustainable and equitable practices in place.

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Demeter Biodynamic Certified label
Photo: Demeter USA
Demeter is the Greek goddess of harvest and agriculture, but what does it mean for a farm to be biodynamic certified?

Products with this label have been produced on a farm that places an emphasis on "on-farm" solutions and contributing to the Earth's resources instead of mining it for more. This includes setting aside biodiversity preserves, crop rotation, free-range foraging for livestock and waste in one part of the farm being used as energy in another part.

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A barn in a sunburst logo
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If you see this label on a product, what does it mean?

Developed by the American Humane Association, this certifying label requires that the meat comes from animals that were "healthy, comfortable, well-nourished, safe, able to express normal behavior, and free from unpleasant states such as pain, fear, and distress" prior to slaughter.

American Humane Certified Label

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A snack bag with labels claiming organic, non-gmo and whole grain content
Photo: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images