As one of the top five pediatric hospitals in America, the Aflac Cancer Center in Atlanta, Georgia is committed to fighting childhood cancer and serving the families whose lives are touched by it. In this video, you’ll meet two courageous young people who faced life-threatening illness and overcame the odds.

JJ's Story

JJ was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2006 and, at the same time, his family learned he had also had a stroke that left him unable to walk and talk at the age of 7. After being off treatment for 11 months, JJ then relapsed in 2008. A bone marrow transplant at the Aflac Cancer Center saved his life.

With one of the highest success rates in the nation for this kind of transplant, JJ and his family experienced world-class care from the doctors and nurses in the Aflac Cancer Center. Today, JJ is a strong, enthusiastic child with a bright future.

Gracie's Story

At the age of 2, Gracie was diagnosed with a Stage IV Germ Cell Tumor located on the base of her spine. Due to its location, Gracie had to complete 6 rounds of chemotherapy and twenty-three radiation treatments before finally having surgery to remove the tumor. Thanks to the treatment she received at the Aflac Cancer Center, Gracie is now cancer-free.

For the families of children like JJ and Gracie, these kinds of horrific diagnoses can be devastating. Most parents don’t know where to turn for help. The Aflac Cancer Center is there to provide the support and expertise needed to guide families through the process with care and respect. The world-class treatment available here gives families the strength and courage they need to help their children overcome some of life’s most overwhelming obstacles.

Thanks to Aflac and the generous support of people like you, families dealing with childhood cancer have a team of experts on their side. As a company, Aflac has made it their business to help people when they get sick or hurt, and the Aflac Cancer Center is a testament to this commitment.

Aflac Cancer Center touches families, changes lives
Meet two courageous young people who faced life-threatening illness and overcame the odds thanks to world-class care at the Aflac Cancer Center.