On Earth Day, Aflac employees learned about new ways to implement greener habits at home, at work and everywhere in between. The insurance company hosted 26 vendors at an educational fair, including Keep Columbus Beautiful, EarthShare Georgia and the Conservation Fund. A leader in eco-friendly business initiatives, Aflac encourages its employees to be more environmentally conscious in their actions.

In this video, Susan Goodsell, Aflac employee communications supervisor, explains how the vendor fair and other activities help the company achieve its green goals.

Ride on Bikes, a local vendor from Aflac's hometown of Columbus, Ga., brought along a selection of bicycles to demonstrate a healthy and eco-friendly method of getting to work. Utility company Georgia Power provided educational materials about energy consumption at home and highlighted the company's efforts to help the environment. Another vendor, Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center, even brought snakes and a baby alligator to give Aflac employees a sense of the importance of conserving native species.

A highlight of the event was the Great Garbage Dump, in which three days of garbage from Aflac's corporate headquarters was dumped in the parking lot to be sorted. Employees put on gloves, goggles and galoshes to get an intimate look at the ways waste management can still be improved.

"What we're looking for is what should have gone to recycling, versus what should have gone to the landfill," says Goodsell. "Aflac is really good about recycling — we recycle 74 percent of our solid waste — but we want to do better, and this is a way to demonstrate that we can."

Learn more about Aflac's commitment to the environment at Aflac.com.


Susan: Today at Aflac we are celebrating Earth Day. We are going to have a vendor fair with about 26 vendors, and they're going to tell us about their programs, their products, and initiatives that are green and inform our employees about things that they can do at work, at home, and in the community to be green.

Gloria: I am Gloria Weston Smart. I am the Director for "Keep Columbus Beautiful."

Madeline: I'm Madeline Ramey. I'm the Executive Director of "Earth Share of Georgia."

Shannon: My name is Shannon Lee. I work for the Conservation Fund.

Susan: Aflac has a strong commitment to environmental sustainability, and we want to share that with the employees. Earth Day is the perfect day to do it.

Jason: The Earth Day at Aflac is an opportunity for me to come be a part of this and show people what another option to get out and do things outside.

Don: We're here today at Aflac to celebrate Earth Day, and we're trying to educate our customers on the energy that they use in their homes, possibly in businesses, and in the various programs that Georgia Power offers that helps the environment.

Patricia: My name is Patricia Lassiter, and I'm from Oxville Meadows Learning Center. We specialize in education, and we use my building as a hook so that people will come inside, see my fabulous animals, and then go outside and experience it for themselves.

Susan: As part of our Earth Day event, we are going to have a great garbage dump. We're going to dump three days' worth of garbage from our Corporate Ridge campus in the parking lot, and then we're going to sort it. What we're looking for is what should have gone to recycling versus what should have gone to the landfill. Aflac is really good about recycling. We recycle 74 percent of our solid waste, but we want to do better. And this is a way to demonstrate that we can do better. I hope that when employees leave today, they take the key learnings back with them, things that they can do at home, things that they can do at work to be greener, things they can do in the community to get involved.

Aflac employees earn an eco-education at Earth Day fair
Aflac celebrates Earth Day with a vendor fair highlighting green products, green programs, and all the ways individuals can make a difference.