The Aflac Green Committee recognizes Barbara Hodges, Operations Risk Management, as one of Aflac’s Champions of the Planet. Barbara has been a member of the green committee and continues to volunteer at committee events. Her life-long commitment to the environment has made her one of Aflac's champions.

Here are five questions we asked Barbara:

  1. What does it mean to you to be Green?
  2. How did you get interested in environmental sustainability?
  3. What do you do to be green at home?
  4. Do you do anything to be green at work?
  5. What are some easy things that you do that others could adopt?

Watch the interview with Barbara above to find out more about her love of the environment.

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I'm Barbara Hodges. I work in risk management here at Aflac. I'm a compliance specialist and I've been here just right at 15 years. It begins with me really, being wholesome and pure and clean, and that of course means that the planet has to be the same, pure water, clean air, good crops grown without pesticides/herbicides. That's what I believe is green.

My parents grew up on farms where they didn't use pesticides, etc. So in my gardening practices I don't either. When I was 19 I ran across a copy of an organic gardening magazine in the laundry mat and that opened my eyes to the world of organic gardening. I compost kitchen scraps. I save running water to use water plants in the garden, use organic pesticides/herbicides, no gas-powered lawn equipment. I use either rechargeable electric or hand tools.

I have been on the Green Executive Committee. Now I'm on the Green Team, so I volunteer for green events. I use my cube, as a place to post tips to my co-workers, but I've also written a little insert that goes into our division newsletter called Mother Nature Says, with tips about one month, recycling, another month about water. The biggest bang for your buck is probably recycling aluminum cans, because they're not biodegradable and they're 100% recyclable. Maybe second to that, recycling plastic is huge; and paper for that matter.

Aflac's Champions of the Planet: Barbara Hodges
Aflac presents Champion of the Planet Barbara Hodges. From using a push mower to eating organic foods, Barbara helps the environment.