The Aflac Green Committee recognizes Jennifer Estes, Actuarial, as one of Aflac's Champions of the Planet. Jennifer is a four-year member of the green committee and serves as the chair of the Events Committee. Her strong re-emergence into the green community has made her one of Aflac's champions.

Here are five questions we asked Jennifer:

  1. What does it mean to you to be Green?
  2. How did you get interested in environmental sustainability?
  3. What do you do to be green at home?
  4. Do you do anything to be green at work?
  5. What are some easy things that you do that others could adopt?

Watch the interview with Jennifer above to find out more about her love of the environment.

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My name is Jennifer Estes. I work for Aflac, and I am a programming consultant. Being green is knowing the impact you're having on the environment and doing something about it. You can do that by recycling, water conservation, using safe products.

Well, as a child, I actually lived in a solar energy home. I didn't really realize the impact that had. My mother she had a huge garden. So we always gardened, but as I grew up I sort of got away from that. A friend at one point introduced me to good, green and safe products and that's really how I got back interested.

To be green at home the things that we do are, we actually recycle, we compost, we garden and we also have the compact fluorescent light bulbs. Here at Aflac, I'm on the Green Committee and I help set up events. One of the events is free-cycle, and we help swap supplies through the different departments that aren't using them. Another event is e-waste. We let employees bring their e-waste from home, so that we're not harming the environment, and the other thing is Earth Day. We have different vendors come in and we're sharing with our employees different opportunities to be green.

Different things that people can do at home to be green is, they can recycle. Just be aware of the things that you're throwing away that you can recycle. You can also make sure you turned off your lights and another easy thing that you can do at home is to do square foot gardening.

Aflac's Champions of the Planet: Jennifer Estes
Aflac presents Champion of the Planet Jennifer Estes. From a childhood solar energy home to composting her garden, Jennifer is a green champ.