The Aflac Green Committee recognizes Jon Brinley, Communicorp, as one of Aflac’s Champions of the Planet. Jon’s hobby as a potter led to a greater commitment to environmental sustainability. At work Jon has served on Communicorp’s green committee and continually looks for ways to support Aflac’s sustainability efforts. This is why he is a champion.

Here are the five questions about sustainability we asked Jon. Watch our interview with Jon in the above video to find out more.

  1. What does it mean to you to be Green?
  2. How did you get interested in environmental sustainability?
  3. What do you do to be green at home?
  4. Do you do anything to be green at work?
  5. What are some easy things that you do that others could adopt?


I am John Brinley. I work for Communicorp, a wholly owned subsidiary of Aflac. I've been with the company 27 years. To be green is, it encompasses so many things. It's not just a word. There are so many different aspects to it, that you have to embrace all of them in order to be green.

As a potter I use everything I can that is sustainable, from digging my own clay, grinding my own rocks for my glazes. I use wood chips from local wood turners to fire my kiln, along with used veggie oil, and scrap lumber from pallets and other materials.

When I'm looking to purchase something for the home I find I'm looking for something more earth friendly than just say, plastic or other types of material. I would want something that's more sustainable. We recycle all of our scrap.

There are thousands of pounds a day of scrap paper. We recycle our ink, and it is actually a soy-based ink, so it's a sustainable product. To be conscious of what you're purchasing, make sure that whatever it is, that it's made from a sustainable product. That it is as earth-friendly as it can possibly be.

Aflac's Champions of the Planet: Jon Brinley
Aflac's Champion of the Planet Jon Brinley has a hobby as a an avid potter that led to a greater commitment to green living.