The Aflac Green Committee recognizes Michelle Wilson, claims specialist III, as one of Aflac’s Champions of the Planet. Michelle credits her interest in being green to activities she participated in middle school: 4-H, Girl Scouts and community activities. Michelle’s story reminds us that the example we set for our children stays with them for a lifetime.

Here are the five questions about sustainability we asked Michelle:

  1. What does it mean to you to be Green?
  2. How did you get interested in environmental sustainability?
  3. What do you do to be green at home?
  4. Do you do anything to be green at work?
  5. What are some easy things that you do that others could adopt?

Watch our interview with Michelle above to find out more.


Hi, I'm Michelle Wilson. I am an operation analyst here at Aflac, in the Business Service Division. I've been with the company for eight years. To preserve our environment, to make sure that our children, their children's children, have the same type of environment that we have that God has created, it means diminishing our carbon footprint, so that we can have a better life, a better way of living.

When I was younger, I used to be in clubs called 4-H and Girl Scouts, where we did a lot of outdoor activity. Doing those activities, I remember one specific event called the George Jones Citizenship Day. It's where we went out and we collected litter throughout the city. A part of the keeping Georgia clean initiative, where we would recycle all of our recyclable materials and I felt like I was doing my part, just by doing that as a young person.

I have energy efficient light bulbs. I use less lights. When I'm not in the room, I make sure they're turned off. When I'm doing laundry, I set my laundry for the shortest time, no matter what the capacity is or the load. I bring some of my same practices here that I use at home. I do recycle.

I'm part of the Green Team here at Aflac, where we have tree giveaways on Arbor Day. We have a office supply swap recycle that we do. Don't run your water while you're brushing your teeth. That's a simple thing. Just turn it off and wait until you're finished. You can use recyclable bags instead of plastic and instead of paper. Those little, simple things makes a difference.

Aflac's Champions of the Planet: Michelle Wilson
Aflac presents Champion of the Planet Michelle Wilson whose childhood activities turned into a lifelong commitment to the environment.